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  • Nominees for 2021 Meeples Choice Awards Announced

    The Meeples Choice Awards is one of the oldest annual game awards in the hobby, with winners that stretch back all the way to 1995.  Each year, three games are chosen as Meeples Choice Award winners.  The list of nominated … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Space Station Phoenix

    Space Station Phoenix Designer: Gabriel J. Cohn Publisher: Rio Grande Games Players: 2-4 Age: 14+ Time: about 30 min per player (our 3p games have averaged 105 minutes) Played 3 times with review copy provided by publisher Space Station Phoenix … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Puzzle Rap Star

    Puzzle Rap Star (Book) Author: Jean Van Damme Publisher: Crux Club Players: 1+ Time: about 5 hours total KS Link:Puzzle Rap Star is the newest book from the inventive people at Crux Club.   We have played though one of … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Poly Hero Dice

    Poly Hero Dice Publisher: Tabletop Tycoon Players, Age, Time: N/A Link – I recently had the opportunity to take some new-fangled polyhedral dice out for a test run.  Call me a traditionalist, but usually I’ve stuck to the cheapest … Continue reading →

  • Prose on Cons: Origins 2022 by Valerie Matthews

    Prose on Cons:  Origins 2022 By Valerie Matthews Hey!  It’s been a decade since I reported on a game convention!  I decided to attend the first day (Thursday) of Origins and here are my thoughts on the convention and a … Continue reading →

  • Memoir ’44: The Chattanooga Open

    In late May 2004, I had the privilege of assisting the Days of Wonder team in doing the first public demo of their newest game, Memoir ’44 at KublaCon. I was so smitten with the game that I begged Mark … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Origins – First Builders

    Origins – First Builders Designer: Adam Kwapinski Publisher: Board&Dice Players: 1-44 Age: 14+ Time: 60-120 minutes played with review copy provided by Board&Dice Well, my apologies if the title is misleading this week – as it turns out, I can’t … Continue reading ...

  • Dale Yu: Review of Exit: Nightfall Manor (spoiler free)

    EXIT: Nightfall Manor Designers: Inka and Markus Brand Publisher: KOSMOS Players: 1-4 Age: 10+ Time: 2-3 hours on the box (170 minutes by myself – with TV distractions) Played with review copy provided by Thames&Kosmos The EXIT series was one … Continue reading →

  • 2022 Origins Preview List

    Well, we’re about the head into the summer convention season, and Origins has moved back to its mostly traditional spot at the opening of summer…  Held each year in the Columbus, Ohio Convention Center – this show has been one … Continue reading →

  • Gaming Timeline:  1980-1984

    This five year period began with a game that simulates the spread of civilization and ended with one based on a war that almost ended civilization as we know it.  In between, there were plenty of other notable titles, including … Continue reading →