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  • OG’s Favorite New-to-Me Games Played in 2021

    Today we continue our end-of-year retrospective week at the OG with a write-up of our favorite new-to-us games played in 2021.  These are all games that were released before 2021, but which we tried for the first time in 2021 … Continue reading →

  • OG’s Favorite New Games from 2021

    This week we will be sharing a series of four end-of-year retrospective articles about our favorite games.  We’ll start off with our favorite new games from 2021.  These are the hot new games that OG writers particularly enjoyed over the … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Floriferous

    Floriferous Designers: Eduardo Baraf, Steve Finn Publisher: Pencil First Games Players: 1-4 Age: 14+ Time: 20-30 minutes Times played: 6 with review copy provided by Pencil First Games Floriferous is a gorgeous game where you collect flower cards (and other … Continue reading →

  • My Top Five Kid Games… A Decade Ago

    Back in the first decade of this century (c. 2009), I published a list of my top 100 kid games… and while I’d quibble with some of my choices now, I think the extensive writing I did on the state … Continue reading →

  • Rand – Review of ラムラムパーティー (Lum Lum Party)

    ラムラムパーティー (Lum Lum Party)Designer: Rei (レイ)Publisher: 四等星 (4tousei)Players: 3-5Playing Time: 30-45 minutesTimes Played: 5 Lum Lum Party is a game that makes no sense. It is among my favorite 2021 releases, but probably won’t share that same love from everyone. … ...

  • くみこ と かつひさ (Kumiko and Katsuhisa)

    Designer: M. Aoki (A(四日市))Publisher: Yokkaichi Indoor Union (四日市インドア同盟)Players: 2Playing Time: 15-20 minutesTimes Played: 4 on a gratis copy from the designer Kumiko and Katsuhisa is a two-player trick-taking game where one player takes on the role of the Chairman of … ...

  • Cat in the Box

    Designer: Muneyuki Yokouchi (横内宗幸)Publisher: Ayatsurare NingyoukanPlayers: 3-4Playing Time: 30-45 minutesTimes Played: 5 on a purchased copy Cat in the Box is a trick-taking game that continues the “tradition” of untangling suits and ranks from their natural connection. When we think ...

  • Post Holiday Boardgame Deals!

    OK, the holidays are over, but a few deals have come to our attention and we thought we should share them with you. The Colonists – A great game from Lookout, suitable for 1 to 4 players, you can play … Continue reading →

  • Solo Gaming 2021: The End of the Year Edition

    I’ve written a good bit about my solo gaming over the last couple of years, both for the Opinionated Gamers and for my personal blog… …so I decided that I’d continue that trend into 2021 by doing a solo gaming post every four … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Happy City

    Happy City Designers: Toshiki Sato, Airu Sato Publisher: Gamewright Players: 2-5 Age: 10+ Time: 20-30 minutes Times played, 5 with review copy provided by Gamewright Happy City is a new light city building game published here by Gamewright.  In this … Continue reading →