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  • Brandon Kempf – Three Games Lightweight Anticipation

    I have a lot of games. A lot of games that are on my shelves, or on my table being played, that I have told myself that I want to review at some point. For one reason or another, this … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Legacy- Hellas 2019 (An escape room game)

        Legacy: Hellas 2019 Designer: Mathias Daval and Johanna Pernot Publisher: Argyx Games Players: 1-4 Age: 13+ Time: 60 minutes Times played: 1, with review copy provided by Argyx Games In this game, which is currently in the midst of a … Continue reading →

  • Ride the Rails (Game Review by Brandon Kempf)

    Designer: John Bohrer Artists: Ian O’Toole Publisher: Capstone Games Players: 3-5  Time: 45-60 Minutes Times Played: 2 (USA Map and France Map) I am not a train gamer. There are times where I have dabbled a bit —  Railways of … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Hallertau

    Hallertau Designer: Uwe Rosenberg Publisher: Lookout Games Players: 1-4 Age: 12+ Time: 50-140 minutes Times played: 6 with print and play preview copy provided by Lookout Games *** Please note that all of the images here are taken from a … Continue reading →

  • OG Reactions to the SdJ and KedJ

    Yesterday, Pictures won the SdJ, and The Crew won the KedJ.  Congratulations to the winners!  Here are reactions from the Opinionated Gamers. Chris Wray:  It was fun to see The Crew — a trick taking game! — win the KedJ.  … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: First Impressions of Godspeed

        Godspeed Designers: Adam Hill and Clayton Hargrave Publisher: Pandasaurus Players: 2-5 Age 10+ Time: 60-90 minutes Times played: 2, with review copy provided by Pandasaurus Godspeed is a science fiction themed game about racing to colonize Minos, an … Continue reading →

  • Congratulations to the 2020 Spiel des Jahres winners!

    The Spiel des Jahres jury just announced their winners, and it was Pictures for SdJ and The Crew for KedJ. Congratulations to the winners! We’ve listed them below. Links are to our past reviews or other writings about each game. … Continue reading →

  • Ten More 2020-2021 Titles I’m Eagerly Anticipating (Article by Chris Wray)

    Back in April, I published a list of 10 2020 Titles I’m Eagerly Anticipating. Since then, we’ve seen convention after convention cancelled, and many game releases have slipped into 2021. But there are still several great games coming! So today, … Continue reading →

  • Publisher Perspectives on 2020: An Interview with Ally Gold of Bezier Games

    A Note from The Opinionated Gamers: In lieu of our normal convention coverage, we’re doing publisher interviews about upcoming releases, asking their thoughts on the events of 2020 and other topics. Today’s interviewee is Ally Gold of Bezier Games. Ally … Continue reading →

  • The Opinionated Gamers (Try To) Predict the Spiel Des Jahres and Kennerspiel Des Jahres – 2020 Edition Final Guesses

    For the past few years, our group of gamers has taken their best guess at trying to read the minds of the Spiel des Jahres jury members.  The nominations for the Spiel des Jahres and Kennerspiel des Jahres were announced … Continue reading →