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  • Gen Con 2023 – Invincible: The Dice Game

    There was a surprising number of games at the convention based around the Invincible comic, a son-of-Superman type comic set in the slightly darker/more graphic Image Comics (not DC and not Marvel) universe. Mantic Games was showing off the push-your-luck … Continue reading →

  • Gen Con 2023 – CATAN

    Often cited as the kickoff of modern boardgaming, CATAN remains one of the enduring brands ripe for expansions and spin-offs. The CATAN booth was showing off the new Starfarers expansion: CATAN: Starfarers – New Encounters as well as the CATAN: … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Castles by the Sea

    Castles By The Sea Designers: Jon Benjamin and Michael Xuereb Publisher: Brotherwise Games Players: 1-4 Age: 12+ Time: 30-45 minutes Played with review copy provided by publisher In Castles By The Sea, each player tries to lead their tribe of … Continue reading →

  • Gen Con 2023 – Snap Ships Tactics

    What do you do if you have a line of spaceships with interchangeable parts and a large fan base? Turn it into a boardgame via Kickstarter, and that’s just what Snap Ships LLC has done. Snap Ships Tactics takes the … Continue reading →

  • Gen Con 2023 – Dumb Ways to Die

    I’m a huge fan of the Australian Metro simply because of their excellent safety campaign based around a video showing a list of Dumb Ways to Die. The cartoon gained a cult following which resulted in (two I think) mobile … Continue reading →

  • Gen Con 2023 – Horrible Guild

    I didn’t meet Horrible Guild in the main exhibit hall but I braved the wilds of one of the hotel lobbies and came away with intel on the upcoming redo of Rondo entitled Sunrise Lane by the venerable Knizia and … Continue reading →

  • Gen Con 2023 – BOOoop.

    Little wooden kitten meeples hopping up and down on an actually quilted-top bed? It was an immediate stop for my sons on Sunday afternoon and they went on to play a full game. Published by Smirk & Dagger Games, BOOoop. … Continue reading →

  • Gen Con 2023 – Tiger & Dragon

    Despite the tiny size of their game boxes, Oink Games usually had a rather large crowd pressing around to see and buy their cute little games. Tiny at any other booth, Tiger & Dragon was a “larger” box containing a … Continue reading →

  • Gen Con 2023 – Pandasaurus

    Definitely a company to watch, I’ve been keeping an eye on Pandasaurus for some time. There were several games featured including one of my most anticipated games, The Fox Experiment. I got the low-down on Unrest and After Us but … Continue reading →

  • Gen Con 2023 – Mattel

    UNO Mattel had a booth full of card games at the convention. Sure, there was a Pictionary Air going on alongside the party game If You Were, but otherwise there was UNO Quatro, UNO Ultimate DC, UNO House Rules, and … Continue reading →