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  • Patrick Brennan: Game Snapshots –2019 (Part 25)

    … and this episode ticks us over to 200 new games for the year! With that groundwork laid, an observation on the latest design trend if I may: you know, I’ve never met a roll-and-write, or flip-and-write, or whatever incarnation … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of 6 nimmt! Brettspiel

    6 nimmt! Brettspiel Designer: Wolfgang Kramer Publisher: AMIGO Players: 2-6 Age: 8+ Time: 30-40 minutes Times played: 4, with review copy provided by AMIGO 6 nimmt! is one of my most favorite and least favorite cardgames.  What?! Yeah, it all … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: First Impressions of Zoom in Barcelona

    Zoom in Barcelona Designers: Nuria Casellas, Eloi Pujadas, Joaquim Vilalta Publisher: Cucafera Players: 2-6 Ages: 8+ Time: 30-45 min Times played: 2, with review copy provided by Cucafera Games Barcelona is a fantastic city which I’ve had the pleasure to … Continue reading →

  • Ticket to Ride London (Game Review by Chris Wray)

    Designer:  Alan R. Moon Publisher:  Days of Wonder Players:  2 – 4 Ages:  8 and Up Time:  10-15 Minutes Times Played:  > 5  Ticket to Ride is doubtlessly the most famous of the train games.  Fifteen years after Alan Moon’s … Continue reading ...

  • ノコスダイス (Nokosu Dice)

    Designer: Yusuke MatsumotoArtist: 別府さい (Sai Beppu)Publisher: engamesPlayers: 3-4Ages: 10+Playing Time: 30-45 minutesTimes Played: 5 with a review copy Nokosu Dice was one of many trick-taking games released at Tokyo Game Market this fall. Rather, I should say, re-released. It was … ...

  • Rolled West (Game Review by Brandon Kempf)

    Designer: Daniel Newman Artists: Adam P. McIver & Ariel Seoane Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games Players: 2-4 Time: 20-30 Minutes Times Played: 2 “If you can’t say something nice, just don’t say anything at all” ...

  • Dale Yu: First Impressions of Butterfly

    Butterfly Designer: Stephen Glenn Publisher: Rio Grande Games Players: 2-5 Ages: 9+ Time: 30-45 minutes Game played on review copy provided by Rio Grande Games Butterfly is the newest release from one of my oldest friends in gaming, Stephen Glenn.  … Continue reading →

  • Chris Wray: Quick Thoughts on 5 More Essen 2019 Games

    We’re now a month past Spiel ’19, and on a recent visit to a local game store, I realized that many of the hottest games from the event have hit US shores. To help those who are holiday shopping (or … Continue reading →

  • 4 1/2 Minuten

    Before you do anything else, start the music file below. And then, let it be known that you have exactly 4 1/2 minutes to finish reading this review. Which might be hard, because you’ll be dancing along in your chair … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of No Return

    No Return: Es gibt kein Zurück!  (There’s No Turning Back!) Designer: Marco Teubner Publisher: moses Players: 2-4 Ages: 8+ Time: 20-30 minutes Times played: 3, with review copy provided by moses moses is one of the game companies that I … Continue reading →