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  • American Bookshop Card Game (Game Review by Chris Wray)

    Designer: Taiki Shinzawa Publisher: Twins Lion Do; Geeks N’ Orcs Players: 3-5 Ages: 8 and up Time: 30-50 Minutes Times Played: > 5 Trick taking is a hot genre in gaming right now.  After the success of The Crew, gamers … Continue reading →

  • Fall Tokyo Game Market 2021 Anticipation Post

    It’s the time of year again.  Today I’ll give an overview of sorts for games that will be released in Japan in a matter of hours at the Fall Tokyo Game Market (TGM). I’ll talk about games I’m looking forward … Continue reading →

  • Tiny Epic Tactics Deluxe (Review by RJ Garrison)

    Tiny Epic Tactics Deluxe (Review by RJ Garrison) Designer: Scott Almes Artists: Nikoletta Vaszi, Naomi Robinson Publisher: Gamelyn Games Players: 2-4 Playing Time: 30-60 minutes Ages: 14+ MSRP: $35.00  Wondering around the landscape searching for an adventure, or pub, or who knows what a ...

  • Pandemic Legacy: An Appreciation

    A couple of months ago, as my daughter Amy and I finished up our last game of Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, our mood was somewhat melancholy.  Part of that was due to the result of the game:  after achieving partial … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Whirling Witchcraft

    Whirling Witchcraft Designer: Erik Andersson Sunden Publisher: AEG Players: 2-5 Age: 14+ Time: 30 minutes Played with review copy provided by AEG The quick and dirty from the rulebook – Being a witch is all about wielding powerful magical ingredients. … Continue reading →

  • Age of Steam Con 2021 Recap

    This last weekend, John and I drove to Kansas City for Age of Steam Con. I’ve talked about the convention before, when I went in 2019 (Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3), and was thrilled that the timing … Continue reading →

  • Patrick Brennan: Game Snapshots – 2021 (Part 17)

    One of the benefits of BGA is that it can turn what can be considered complex games into simple games. Case in point is Castles Of Burgundy. This game has struggled to come out physically over the years because each … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Bequest

    Bequest Designer: Marek Tupy Publisher: Wizkids Players: 3-6 Age: 10+ Time: 30-45 minutes Played with review copy provided by Wizkids In Bequest, all the players are relatives of the misunderstood Dr. Schism, who has somehow met his ultimate demise, and … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of TEN

    TEN Designers: Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, Shawn Stankewich Publisher: AEG  Players: 1-5 Age: 10+ Time: 20-30 minutes Played with review copy provided by AEG The trio of designers behind this game are also responsible for two other games that I … Continue reading →

  • Review of Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile

    Designed by Cole Wehrle Published by Leder Games (artwork below from the Kickstarter edition) 1-6 Players Playing time: 45-120 minutes (or more …) Oath is an ambitious and deeply philosophical design, so when I call it “Fabled Fruit: The Boardgame” … Continue reading →