The Spiel

  • Episode #374 - Hats

    It’s a garden party in Neverland. In eight short turns, by swapping cards on the tea table, can you assemble the most cherished collection of chapeaus?

  • Episode #322 - Forbidden Sky

    High above the clouds, you discover an abandoned station from a lost space-faring civilization. There’s just one problem: a deadly storm is coming. To survive you must create a real electrical circuit and launch the last rocket into... the Forbidden Sky!

  • Episode #321 - Echidna Shuffle

    A review of Echidna Shuffle written by Stephen Conway.

  • Episode #372 - Funfair

    How would you build the theme park of your dreams? Funfair gives you a chance to do just that. Play cards to assemble an exciting mix of five attractions. Add enhancements and staff, match blueprints, and build a showcase feature to bring in the crowds.

  • Episode #371 - Paris

    You are a visionary investor helping to finance buildings in in Paris. Start small with the backing of local banks and use two simple actions (place a key, move a key) to develop and transform the city.