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  • The Gates of Valhalla Swing Open… Again: The Return of Heroscape

    Simply put, a game system that has been dead for fourteen years is back from the dead… and this time, it looks like the publisher understands what made Heroscape so special. When I last wrote about Renegade Game Studios beginning … Continue reading →

  • Matt Carlson: Review of Legacy of Yu

    While fans of wargaming have been playing both sides of a battle for decades, the idea of playing a boardgame solo has recently seen a large uptick in broader gaming circles. Many boardgames advertise a “solo mode”, allowing gamers to … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Lab Notes

    Lab Notes Designer: Darrell Louder Publisher:Greater Than Games Players:2-5 Age: 14+ Time: 40 minutes Played with review copy provided by Flat River Group (distributor) Class is now in session for Lab Notes! This roll-and-write game features the brain teaser challenge … Continue reading ...

  • The Ascending Empire(s) Strike Back: A Preview of Ascending Empires Zenith Edition

    Back in the summer of 2011 – which, for those of you who don’t like to do math, was nearly thirteen years ago – I reviewed Z-Man Games’ “weird & wonderful cross between a dexterity game like Carabande or Catacombs … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Compounded – the Peer Reviewed edition

    Compounded – The Peer reviewed edition Designer: Darrell Louder Publisher: Greater Than Games Players: 2-5 Age:14+ Time: 45-60 minutes Played with review copy provided by Flat River Games (distributor) Amazon affiliate link: Compounded is a game about building chemical … Continue ...

  • Winners of 2024 As d’Or Awards Announced

    On February 22, the winners of the 2024 As d’Or, which is France’s national game award, were announced.  Here they are, in the award’s four different categories, together with each game’s designer and publisher: General Games Trio (Kaya Miyano) – Cocktail Games … ...

  • Rick Thornquist: Review of MLEM: Space Agency

     MLEM: Space Agency Designer: Reiner Knizia Artist: Joanna Rzepecka Graphic Designers: Joanna Rzepecka and Bartłomiej Kordowski Publisher: Rebel Studio Players: 2-5 Playing Time 30-60 minutes Played three times, with three players each, on Board Game Arena Do you like cats? … Continue ...

  • Matt Carlson: Numbsters

    Button Shy Games has made a name for itself by publishing minimalistic games, featuring a deck of 18 cards that fit within a plastic wallet-size holder. They now have a considerable number of these games (you can even subscribe to … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Unboxed

    Unboxed Designer: Jordan Sorenson Publisher: Wizkids Players: 1+ Age:12+ Time: about 10 minutes per dig, 10 digs in the box Played with review copy provided by publisher Affiliate link: In Unboxed, you and your friends take on the role … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of Trio

    Trio Designer: Kaya Miyano Players: 3-6  Age: 8+ Time: 15 minutes Played with review copy provided by Happy Camper Games (5+ times), played purchased copy of Nana (>30 times) Amazon affiliate link: Trio is a card game in which … Continue reading →