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  • Dale Yu – Review of P’achakuna

    P’achakuna Designer: Momreno Vogel and Stefan Kraft Publisher: Treeceratops Players: 2 Age: 8+ Time: 30-40 minutes Played with review copy provided by publisher Treeceratops is a newer company, and we have played their previous release, Darwin’s Choice, a few years … Continue reading ...

  • Dale Yu: Preview of Findorff (2F Games)

    I just returned from the Gathering of Friends, and it was really nice to get back and see some of my gaming friends that I haven’t seen since 2019.  Sadly, not all of my friends were able to make the … Continue reading →

  • Dale Yu: Review of EXIT – The Cursed Labryinth

    EXIT: The Cursed Labryinth Designers: Inka and Markus Brand Publisher: Kosmos Players: 1+ Age: 10+ Time: 65-120 minutes The EXIT series was one of the original puzzle-game franchises to hit the market when the escape room game craze took off … Continue reading →

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