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  • Dale Yu: Review of Summer Camp

    Summer Camp Designer: Phil Walker Harding Publisher: Buffalo Games Players: 2-4 Age: 10+ Time: 30-45 mins Review copy provided by Buffalo Games, 3 plays so far Phil Walker Harding is one of my favorite modern game designers – I have … Continue reading →

  • Scribbling Furiously: A Review of D&D: Dungeon Scrawlers – Heroes of Undermountain

    When I (Mark) was a DM (Dungeon Master to those uninitiated in the Deep Magic of role-playing games) – which, let’s be clear, was a very long time ago – I carried around a pad of graph paper in my … Continue reading →

  • Jewels of Porto Primo

    DESIGNER: Alan Ernstein PUBLISHER: Hangman Games PLAYERS: 2-4 TIME: 45 minutes Some of you may be familiar with Hangman Games, who published ten or so games back between 1998 and 2008; titles like Tahuantinsuyu, Ars Mysteriorum and Dry Gulch.  They … Continue reading →

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