The Spiel

  • GenCon 2014 - Alien Uprising

    Richard Launius and Sean Brown discuss the inspiration and development of Alien Uprising, a cooperative game that pits the crew of a wrecked spaceship against an overwhelming onslaught of bug-like aliens called Zothren.

  • GenCon 2014 - Imperial Settlers

    Noted Polish designer Ignacy Trezwiczek chats about Imperial Settlers, his first experience as a vendor at GenCon, and his new book: Board Games That Tell Stories.

  • GenCon 2014 - Blue Orange

    Blue Orange publishes many games for kids and families. They are expanding their catalog to include games with more strategy. Brandan Parsons and designer Charles Chevallier discuss several new releases: Longhorn, Niya, Battle Sheep, Braverats and Wakanda

  • GenCon 2014 - HABA

    In Germany, HABA is a well known publisher of wonderful high quality engaging toys and games. Lea Culliton, President of HABA USA, chats about the history of HABA and the company's plans to bring a wider selection of games to the American market.

  • GenCon 2014 - Ascension & SolForge

    Justin Gary chats about the challenges and opportunities when developing across cardboard and digital platforms with Ascension and SolForge Each shows how analog and digital games can enhance each other, building a better game in both worlds.

  • GenCon 2014 - The Flux Capacity

    Francois Valentyne & Josh Rivers chat about new titles from Canadian publisher Flux Capacity: Gone Viking - a trick taker with resource management, Zombie Island - an asymmetrical abstract & Khrysos Hunters - a dice based treasure race on a modular board.

  • GenCon 2014 - Five Tribes

    Mark Kaufmann from Days of Wonder discusses Five Tribes: a worker displacement game that draws inspiration from the classic game Mancala, set in the world of the Arabian Nights.

  • GenCon 2014 - Heroes Wanted

    Travis Chance and Nick Little discuss the backstory and inspiration for Heroes Wanted, a game where players build misfit superheroes to gain fame and attention in hope of joining a real super team, the Champions of Zeta City.

  • The Spiel - Scribbler #13 - I'm Board

    I'm Board Puzzle by David Coleson. Guess the game based on a small little snippet of each board. One you have each game title, you'll be able to unscramble the letters and find the answer to the puzzle and maybe even win a prize.

  • The Spiel #199 - Kennerspiel des Schpiel 2014 - Part 2

    Decision time. We review Istanbul and Rococo, the final nominees for the Kennerspiel des Jahres, and try to predict the winner.