The Spiel

  • Episode #352 - Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons

    A review of Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons written by Stephen Conway.

  • Episode #351 - Across the United States

    Can you build a transportation empire by investing in railroad companies, delivering goods and passengers, and picking up gold along the way? In a train game world full of slow freights, Across the United States delivers balanced fun at blistering speed.

  • Episode #323 - Egizia

    In Egizia, players sail ships carrying workers and stone to build mighty monuments for the Pharaoh. The river offers great rewards and abilities as it flows ever Northward to the sea. And therein lies the challenge!

  • Episode #350 - Walking in Provence

    Walking in Provence is a card-driven map building game. Over ten turns you will create a mini-map and move your photographers to open meadows hoping to create the right mix of flowers and features for the perfect shot.

  • Episode #322 - Forbidden Sky

    High above the clouds, you discover an abandoned station from a lost space-faring civilization. There’s just one problem: a deadly storm is coming. To survive you must create a real electrical circuit and launch the last rocket into... the Forbidden Sky!

  • Episode #321 - Echidna Shuffle

    A review of Echidna Shuffle written by Stephen Conway.