The Spiel

  • Episode #337 - The Crew

    The Crew is a cooperative trick-taking card game. 50 increasingly challenging missions tell the story of your crew's journey to Planet 9. How well can you work together when communication is limited as you cross the vast expanse of space?

  • Essen 2019 - The Art & Science of Playtesting

    Panelists: Bruno Cathala, Antoine Bauza, Friedemann Friese, Rikki Tahta, Smoox Chen

  • Essen 2019 - The Con Game

    Panelists: Ted Alspach, Tiffany Caires, KJ Lee, Beth Heile, Michał Zwierzyński

  • Essen 2019 - Teaching & Learning Board Games

    Panelists: Stella Jahja, Beth Heile

  • Essen 2019 - What A Difference a World Makes

    Panelists: Issac Childres, Julie Ahern, Ezra Denney, Błazej Kubacki

  • Essen 2019 - Love & War

    Panelists: Martin Wallace, Katie Aidley, David Chircop, Max Michael

  • Essen 2019 - Life of the Party

    Panelists: Frank DiLorenzo, Darrell Ottery, Thomas Provoost, Vlaada Chvatil, Rikki Tahta

  • Episode #335 - 5211

    5211 is a press-your-luck card game with deep roots in casual classics. It's a modern game that can be as thinky as you want it to be, but it is also a bridge for social interaction, inspired by card nights with family and friends from days gone by.