The Spiel

  • Episode #346 - Planet

    Planet is a 3-D magnetic tile laying game. Build new ecosystems to attract more animals to fill your world. This variety episode features an expanded Meal segment as well.

  • Episode #290 - Pioneers

    Pioneers is a gateway game for a new generation. You’ll discover new layers of depth and fun by charting different paths with each pioneer you settle. Best of all how everyone else plays will change your decisions and let you see the game in a new light.

  • Episode #318 - Coimbra

    In Coimbra, each player is the head of a family selecting dice to gain influence over important members of society within the city: the clergy, the scholars, the merchants, and the civic leaders.

  • Episode #316 - Warsaw: City of Ruins

    A review of Warsaw: City of Ruins written by Stephen Conway.

  • Episode #369 - Orbital Velocity

    Can you play cards to maneuver a jointly controlled rocket to the right orbital velocity and deploy three satellites? A simple, subtle but ambitious game, Orbital Velocity is a math card puzzle that takes on gravity, economics, and game theory.

  • Essen 2014 - Martin Wallace

    Martin Wallace discusses Mythotopia and Onward to Venus. Mythotopia is a 4-player deck-building board game in a fantasy setting. Onward to Venus is a retro scifi game of imperialism based on Greg Broadmore's graphic novels.

  • Essen 2014 - Stronghold Games

    First, Stephen Buonocore and Gil D'Orey discuss their partnership bringing Panamax to Europe and the US. Then Mike Fitzgerald joins us to discuss Diamonds, a new twist on classic card games, plus a look back at Mike's storied career in game design.

  • Essen 2014 - Panamax

    Portuguese publisher/designer Gil D'Orey and designers Nuno Bizarro Sentiero and Paulo Soledade chat about the development process behind Panamax, a dice driven economic game that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal.