The Spiel

  • Episode #290 - Pioneers

    Pioneers is a gateway game for a new generation. You’ll discover new layers of depth and fun by charting different paths with each pioneer you settle. Best of all how everyone else plays will change your decisions and let you see the game in a new light.

  • Episode #318 - Coimbra

    In Coimbra, each player is the head of a family selecting dice to gain influence over important members of society within the city: the clergy, the scholars, the merchants, and the civic leaders.

  • Episode #316 - Warsaw: City of Ruins

    A review of Warsaw: City of Ruins written by Stephen Conway.

  • The Spiel #143 - Come On Down!

    You're the next contestant. We review two more Easy Play titles: Drachen Wurf and Big Points. Then, join us for the virtual Spiel-a-thon, an audio game show with fabulous prizes.

  • GenCon 2014 - Game Salute

    Dan Yarrington discusses Kings Forge - a dice based game of crafting weapons and trinkets in order to garner favor with the royal court. We also get a sneak peak at a game in development: Lighthouse Run

  • GenCon 2014 - Greater Than Games

    Mad genius Christopher Badell chats about 3 new games and his emphasis on storytelling in game development and design: Galactic Strike Force, Sentinel Tactics and Wrath of the Cosmos, an expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse.

  • GenCon 2014 - Asmadi

    Chris Cieslik discusses 4 new games. Consequential: a co-op about mending holes in time. Impulse: a scifi card game from Carl Chudyk. Heat: a game of heists & avoiding the law. Red: a micro game - be in first place by the end of your turn or you're out!

  • GenCon 2014 - Iello

    Matthieu Bonin discusses two new titles from Iello. Zombie '15 is a real time scenario based game of teamwork and survival. King of New York is the follow up to Richard Garfield's hit dice game. This time, giant monsters are trying to take down Manhattan.